Highlights of the summer season

After a very strange and unreal springtime due to the coronavirus, the shows slowly started again over the summer. As everybody realized, this summer was not going to be like any other summer. Many shows were still cancelled. International riders were not allowed to come to Belgium, as well as the Belgium riders were restricted to go to several other countries. Unfortunately also the European Championships were cancelled, but everybody agreed on one thing: At least we could take our horses back to the shows!

As the Belgian Championship was scheduled for the end of July, Simon went to Poland (Baltica Tour) for 2 weeks to pick up the show rhythm. He had a great show and he even won the 2*GP with Vivolta in the first week, followed by a 4th place in the second week. Emilia HH also showed a lot of quality and potential in the Young Horse Competition.

Then there was the Belgian Championship. This competition always starts with a speed class in which Simon and Vivolta took the lead. Then the hardest part came... trying to keep this position. Easier said than done. But everything worked out, they were able to keep their position until the end and became Belgian Champion Young Riders! 
We also want to congratulate Max Sebrechts and Thibault Philippaerts with their second and third place. Well done guys!

In the meantime Jan Motmans started schooling and training the young horses. During the summertime he competed in the STX Cyclus 2.0 with several good results and qualifications for the Finals. Even more important is that all the horses improved a lot throughout the summer, so at this moment they're having a little break and are enjoying the field. That gives Jan the time to work with the baby youngsters and we can already say we have some really nice ones, so stay tuned as they progress!

When summer came to an end, 8 year old Langobardo (Lyanero x Cayado) left our stable after bringing us a lot of happiness for 3 years. We wish his new owners in the USA the best of luck with this joyful boy.

And last but not least we are happy to announce that Simon got selected for the Educational Program of the Young Riders Academy, an amazing opportunity to work with and learn from the best! 


What a summer...